Nate Knox is a Minnesota-born digital marketing nerd

Trying to recapture creativity while working in the uncreative side of digital advertising

Nate Knox is a huge digital nerd & works in search / ppc, social media, content, etc. Contact him if you need help with your digital marketing

I used to be a writer and had a child-like fascination with things. I wrote for fun, then was published, then paid, and eventually grew up. I didn't quit writing, I slowed and eventually stopped. Now, I'm a digital marketer working with people much smarter than me at an ass-kicking ad agency. I couldn't be happier, but I want to recapture that creativity. 

This site will be a few things: a base placeholder for, a portfolio, a sandbox for me while I play in the Internet things, and it will be a (very poor) writing platform. Someday, I'll feature stuff on brewing. Drop me a line if you need help in digital (I freelance), want to create a children's book together, or just want someone to sit next to me during Happy Hour.