Nate Knox is a Minnesota-born digital marketing nerd

Digital marketing leader with 9+ years of experience and a drive to build friendly performance media teams with a high bar

Nate Knox is a huge digital nerd & works in search / ppc, social media, content, etc. Contact him if you need help with your digital marketing

work in digital 

I've had the pleasure of working on some amazing brands and projects over the years. Not everything is glamorous or thrilling, but one thing is true: every one of my clients has seen results. If you work, breathe and live in digital like I do, then you know results are exciting. 

This was a rough cut beginning made years ago. Email me for anything recent. 

Chamilia: social ads & content strategy

This case study from my days at Spyder Trap shows the strong impact of pairing smart content strategy with paid social ads. Chamilia, though a well-known brand, didn't have a real content strategy and invested exactly $0 in their digital efforts. They asked Spyder Trap to help take their Mother's Day campaign in a new, digital direction, making the entire company feel uncomfortable. The content-first strategy was solid and it was given a nice spotlight through ads. Check out the details.

large restaurant client 

Here's a case study showing how I completely restructured an SEM account for a large restaurant chain and laid the ground for continuous awesome performance. 

Comply foam site redesign & digital strategy

I came on board at Comply to redesign, reshape and relaunch and the brand itself. Though an established brand, Comply didn't realize its potential in digital marketing. Its social presence was there, but pathetic; the desire for better audio solutions was ferocious, but not being met; the website sold products, but the user experience was terrible. The brand didn't know itself anymore and badly needed help. I jumped on board and the brand saw consecutive ecommerce sales records as the result. It was very fun!

Google Shopping & Product listing Ads

 This is another case study from my days at Spyder Trap and was presented at an MN Search event a while back. It contains outdated info, but the idea driving success in AdWords product listing ads, now Google Shopping ads, is still alive. To sum it up, treat your product feed like any other SEO-driven idea, then bid high enough and you will find success.

ppc for home improvement

This case study is showcases some ridiculous improvement & wins for a long-standing account. After working with the client for a very nice and long history, I wanted to put greater pressure on the goals — and beat them. 

Check it out!