Nate Knox is a Minnesota-born digital marketing nerd

Trying to recapture creativity while working in the uncreative side of digital advertising

Nate Knox is a huge digital nerd & works in search / ppc, social media, content, etc. Contact him if you need help with your digital marketing

where I'm from

A global electronics company. A OEM-driven Inc turned e-commerce and retail start-up. A digital media start-up. Paid, owned and earned media. Social media management. Digital marketing strategy for the CPG, retail, medical, technology,  industrial and other B2B verticals.

Nate Knox Fishing

who I am

A digital strategist with real experience ranging from local shops to Fortune 500s.  An introvert who doesn't just speak to fill silence. An un-entitled millennial. A small batch beer-brewer and large batch beer-drinker. Most importantly, a Christian husband and father.

where to find me

Don't. If you must, the bar area of a restaurant - I hate regular tables.


/ digital strategy                  / programmatic

/ ppc & paid media             / search marketing (SEM)

/ data strategy                      / analytics & reporting


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