Nate Knox is a Minnesota-born digital marketing nerd

Digital marketing leader with 9+ years of experience and a drive to build friendly performance media teams who raise the bar

Nate Knox is a huge digital nerd & works in search / ppc, social media, content, etc. Contact him if you need help with your digital marketing

brand reconstruction:

Comply Foam needed help - badly.

I joined the team at Comply as the Digital Marketing Specialist to bring and its digital presence to the next level, then to the next 15 levels.

I Star Trek'ed the brand. Yes, I just used Star Trek as a verb. Yes, that means I reshaped the brand and took it boldly where no one had gone before. Working with a local web design company, Go East, I took the site from the Before shot below to the After shot. I built assets, wrote copy, lead creative decisions and took an overall managerial stand on the entire site.

The new site, along with a full digital strategy, took the company to sales levels that far exceeded any of the highest expectations. 


old site .jpg